How mothering is like plantain rice

I enjoy cooking and trying new recipes. It’s my hobby, and it adds a little excitement to a day otherwise filled with dirty diapers and smears of yogurt all over the furniture, windows, and cats. Last week I received a plantain in my co-op share and was looking forward to preparing plantain rice, for a change of pace. With E hanging off my jeans, I dug out the appliances and utensils necessary for the recipe. I started to spiralize the plantain (fancy, right?) and it quickly turned into a mushy mess. No matter how I turned or pushed or pulled that plantain, it just melted into a pile of mush. I used that mush to make plantain fritters. It turned out ok but not what I had expected.

It was then that I realized how much motherhood is like plantain rice.

Each day you start with a new and different perspective. You plan to cultivate the raw material in front of you into something beautiful and impressive. You have a plan and a very clear objective. But things go awry and take a turn in a different direction – you can’t control it. Most of the time it turns into a big mess. But at the end, quite suddenly, you’re left with something completely different than what you had expected. It’s still amazing, but you didn’t quite think it would turn out this way.

Sounds like a typical day of motherhood, doesn’t it?

Although I don’t have a good recipe for raising a toddler, here’s one for  Plantain Rice.